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Youth World Record Attempt Event:
Sunday July 12, 2020 11:30am

Location: Ashbridges Bay and Woodbine Beach, Toronto Beaches
All ages welcome. Participants must bring their own volleyball. Each participant (parent/guardian) will be required to sign a waiver prior to the attempt. Please arrive early to register.
Most people controlling volleyballs: The current record is 1804 people
Rules for Most people controlling volleyballs
1. Standard volleyballs must be used, all inflated to the appropriate pressure.
2. Each participant must have their own volleyball. This must be verified by the stewards and witnesses.
3. At a given signal (loud enough for all the participants to hear), the participants must throw their
    volleyball into the air and continuing controlling the ball with their hands, making an effort to keep the
    ball airborne.
4. The ball must be kept in the air, using a method within the rules of volleyball.
5. The ball must be ‘juggled’ for at least 10 seconds for an individual to count towards the total.
I would like to participate/voluteer/receive more information, Send an Email:   Email Envelope
 World Record Attempt 14Jul19

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